DIY Giant Pop Tart Cake

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I’m so excited to share this video tutorial I did a while back! It’s honestly the perfect cake for anyone who grew up loving the Wild Berry Pop Tarts. I actually made this for my husband’s birthday because these were always his favorite.

It’s such a fun and easy cake to make so I hope you enjoy! ❤

Unicorn Donut Cake Tutorial

I’ve always had a little obsession with giant donut cakes. I can’t explain it! There’s something about them that draws me in and makes me stare at them. Then eat them. Heh…


Actually whenever my husband and I have a function to go to it’s usually up to me to bring dessert. When I can’t decide what to bring, my husband almost always suggests a donut cake. I have come to the conclusion that donut cakes are always a win because they make people feel like they’re getting two desserts in one! So it’s not just me. 🙂

Well since the internet is currently gracing our little baking world newsfeeds with a flood of unicorn desserts, I decided it was time to take on this cute little trend. In my own giant- donut-sort of way, of course.

So here’s a video tutorial of how I did it. Enjoy!

Things you will need


  • Any Cake recipe of your choice  ( I used Funfetti cake mix)
  • Basic Buttercream
  • Black and white fondant

Other items 

  • Donut cake pans (like these)
  • Edible gold dust (this is what I used) (mix with lemon juice or vodka to make paint)
  • Leaf cutters (for ears)
  • Flower cutters
  • Fondant roller
  • (1) Paper straw or lollipop stick (to support unicorn horn)
  • (2)Toothpicks
  • Tan and pink food color
  • (1) Piping bag
  • (1) Flower drop icing tip
  • Offset spatula
  • Round cake boards
  • Gold foil (to cover cake boards)