DIY Easy Fondant Vintage Flower


This is a cake that I did almost a year ago. It was a beautiful four-tiered vintage style wedding cake that had a delicate ruffle border with fondant pearl accents, a lace bow between two of the lower tiers, and let’s not forget those adorable, hand made vintage flowers.

I made it for a stand that I had at a local Catholic church. The theme for my stand that day was Shabby Chic, complete with ruffle cakes, lace, pastels and CUPCAKES!!

I remember selling completely out of my signature Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes that day. Everyone was telling me as soon as they walked into the room, all they could smell was peanut buttery goodness tempting them before they even had a chance to look around. There was no resisting once they got a whiff. My best friend Chasity (who was kind enough to volunteer to help me that day) and I, got a kick out of watching the people who walked past the cupcakes starring at them clearly thinking, don’t stop. Keep walking. “Give it thirty seconds, they’ll be back,” she would smirk. And she was right. She was always right. Her dry, sarcastic (but hilarious) personality would kick into full bloom that day as I basically “forced” her to interact with the community. But what are friends for right? 🙂

Now let’s talk about how I made those super easy but adorable vintage-style flowers for the cake.

First, I will mention that I would normally use gum paste for flowers, but gum paste isn’t always readily available, and if you’re a busy Momma like me, you may not always have time to make it. So I tend to have Wilton fondant on hand for projects like this because it turns out you can roll this stuff pretty thin, and it dries pretty hard. Besides, these aren’t exactly the kind of edible flowers that need to look as delicate as other, more life-like floral decorations.

What you will need:


Fondant or gum paste (color of your choice)
At least four circle cutters (I used an icing tip for the smallest size)
Small rolling pin
Baller tool
Edible pearls

Step 1:

Start by rolling out a small amount of fondant, and using your cutters to make four circles just like this.
Step 2:


To create the ruffled edges, take the largest circle and place it in the palm of your hand. Using the smallest end of your balling tool, gently press down with half the ball on the circle, and the other half touching your hand. Carefully rub back and forth going the whole way around the circle. Repeat for all four circles.
Step 3:

Now all you have to do is put them all together using just a tiny dab of water to glue them in place. Then another dab of water in the middle and you can glue your pearls on there.


Tada! Now you have a delicious flower for your cakes and cupcakes! The easiest flower I
have ever made. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I received a specific request for this tutorial and I absolutely love sharing these things but I never know what everyone wants to see. So let me know what else you guys would like to see and I will make it happen!

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