DIY: Owl Cake & Cupcake Toppers

Just stopping in to say HAPPY MONDAY! Hey, hi hello!


I was SO excited when someone finally asked me to make an owl cake. I have been waiting for an excuse to make these cute little guys for so long! They are absolutely perfect for a little girl’s birthday. But really you could make them any color you want!

You can make these things as big or small as you want to depending on what you need them for. The size that I made them would probably be the perfect size for cupcake toppers. But I actually made two, and used them on top of a sheet cake.

I promise they are super duper easy to make. The whole process is very simple so go grab your fondant and let’s get started! 🙂

First roll out your darker color fondant. In this case I went with a pink theme owl so here I have the darker color pink rolled out. Cut out one large circle using a round cutter.


Now use the same cutter to take off just a little from the top so that we have a nice curve for the ears of the owl.


Next I have my light pink fondant rolled out. Cut out a circle using a round cutter that’s a little smaller (left) than the one we used earlier (right)


While you have your light pink fondant rolled out, go ahead and cut out the two wings using a leaf cutter like the one I used pictured above. Note: If you don’t have leaf cutters, you can also use small upside down hearts to make the wings which also looks cute. 🙂

Next make two small impressions on each wing. You can pretty much use any tool that you have on hand to do this.


Here I have my smaller light pink circle. Using a tiny round cutter, or the other end of an icing tip like I did, I just cut two curves into the circle to make room for the eyes.To make the eyes, just roll out white fondant and use this same icing tip or cutter to make two white circles.

Now for the beak: First take a small amount of orange fondant and roll it into a tiny ball. Then using your finger, roll it into a tear-drop shape in the palm of your hand.

Using a small paint brush and a tiny bit of water,you can start putting the pieces of your owl together.


To make eyes stand out more, roll out black fondant and cut out two circles using a cutter or icing tip smaller than the white ones we just did. Here I used the bottom of a Wilton 1A to get the perfect size.

To be sure that the feet are consistent in size, cut out two orange circles for the feet using a cutter or icing tip, and roll them into little balls. Finally, use a small amount of water to attach them to the owl.

I hope you guys found this helpful. Please feel free to leave questions and comments below! 🙂 DIY

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