Changing Table to Coffee Bar

I have to be honest; I’m a little overly excited for this post! This coffee bar has been a long time coming and in the making for quite some time now. I am so so happy with the way it turned out and it makes my kitchen look so much more personal.


I kept waiting to find the perfect piece of furniture to fit this spot in my kitchen. I knew it had to be a coffee bar. And I knew it had to be unique.

I remember staring at this blank wall in my kitchen for so long asking myself what in the world would fit there? And then one day I was scrolling through Craigslist and it hit me; a changing table! Once I had this idea in my head I could not let it go. I couldn’t be just any changing table either. I had to be able to lay an extra piece of wood across the top to give it a “counter top” look. (Keep scrolling for before photo.)

Before I get to the DIY portion of this post, I have to talk about some these items that really helped pull this whole project together and make it so beautiful.


The teapot  I actually picked up from for super cheap! It was the perfect addition and looks so chic and gorgeous. I had debated adding some vinyl designs but decided to use it for flowers instead.

The macaron water-color painting is seriously one of my favorite things ever. Something about this simple little picture makes my heart smile. 🙂 I picked it up at Hobby Lobby on sale for $3.99! If you hurry, they still have it available online for about $8 I believe.


Apparently succulents are a big thing right now. I love them but honestly I’m just not that great at keeping live plants-well…alive. So you can imagine how excited I was to find the perfect fake little guys at the dollar store! I may or may not have purchased like 12 of them. Hard to say. 😀


Some other things I love about this top shelf; the “cafe” sign which I made from items purchased at Michael’s was one of the most simple sign projects I have ever done. The gold paper straws are perfect because I use in the background of some of my cake photos too. And the Ikea spice jars I plan on using to house loose teas.


You cannot even imagine my excitement when I found these gold measuring cups at Target. I promise Target is not paying me (although maybe they should) to promote these products. I’m just a typical Target-obsessed housewife which makes me seem really uninteresting and I don’t care! Because I also got the coffee cups and saucers (on the shelf above) at Target. These cups are made by a company called 10 Strawberry Street and I am ob-friggin-sessed with their gorgeous products!



For the bins which I picked up at Home Depot, all I did was type up and print out little labels onto white cardstock and glue them to the back of these brackets which I found in the $3 section of Target. Then I just hot-glued the whole thing to the basket.


To hang the hand-towel (which I picked up at-yes, you guessed it…Target) I picked up this over the door towel holder at my locale Kroger. I love shopping the kitchen section of Kroger because I always find the cutest little things.

Right now that little space between stores my serving plates. Although I am thinking about building a shallow drawer to go there so I can put stirring spoons and other smaller items. Any ideas?


Look at that “Graco” sign. I could have figured out how to remove it, but honestly there’s something about imperfections in my projects that I love to keep because it’s a reminder that it’s something personal and unique. Does that makes sense?

So because I naturally have an abundance of coffee cups I wanted to figure out a way to hang them here. So I added these hooks from ikea which worked perfectly because they are flattened, which keeps them in place vs the traditional rounded s-hooks which tend to roll around. I will probably also add more on the next shelf down.

Now to the DIY portion.


Here is the before. Heh…please ignore my very messy garage in the background. Oh look a Target box in the backround. 😀


Once I found the perfect piece, I already knew what color I was going to paint it. It’s called “Reflecting Pool” by Sherwin Williams. I fell in LOVE with this when I first saw it on this iheartorganizing blog awhile back. In fact I’m pretty sure I purchased the paint before I even found the changing table. And now I’m seeing this color all over Pinterest.

Once I had the table painted, I covered all of the boards with this Marbled Adhesive Paper to make it look a little more fancy. I also had a wood board cut to fit right on top of the changing table to serve as my counter top.


I am so so happy with the way this project turned out. I don’t think I am quite finished with it yet because I am thinking about adding an additional shelf up top to give it more height, and also the shallow drawer. Any ideas or inputs are welcome feel free to leave comments!

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