Elegant Southern Wedding


Can we stop for a second to swoon over this incredibly beautiful and dreamy southern fairy-tale wedding? Driving to the venue under all the moss trees and white fences was like a dream and what started as a stressful delivery turned into a moment of serenity. Days like this make me feel so incredibly blessed to be in this fairy tale land of Savannah, Georgia and even more blessed to be a part of the wedding industry.

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Let’s be honest bakers, anyone in the cake industy knows how undeniably stressful this field is. From the moment you take the order, draw your sketches, start your baking, begin organizing your time and the best way to execute all of the custom details, designs, flavors, flowers, cake stands, cupcake holders, and the order in which you should do it all, it’s not easy.

Then there’s the dreaded delivery and longest car ride of your entire life in which you spend the whole time praying, cringing, having mini-heart attacks, ocassionally crying when you have to suddenly break, and waving your hands in the air trying to explain to other drivers that you’re driving slow (and possibly with four-ways) because you’re transporing a wedding cake, groom’s cake, a butt-load of cupcakes and need to get them all there in one piece. That means not smashed, not melted, not crooked, and still edible. It’s a high-stess job. Truly. Watercolor Heart Logo

But at the end of it all when you stand back to take a look at the final product and see the smile it puts upon the faces of others, the stress of it all melts away. You can breathe again. It’s then you remember how much you love this. Every. Single. Time.


In some cases I make friends with the bride and get invited to the wedding. Which is exactly what happened here. I have to selfishly confess; a part of me is very excited about going to wedding in which I made the cake because I get to listen to the candid reactions of everyone around me without them knowing this is my work. Ha!

Plus, what southern girl doesn’t love a big, beautiful romantic fairytale wedding like this?

IMG_0940Okay, okay lets talk about the cake details. The cake itself is all buttercream with buttercream filling for all layers. The bottom tier is vanilla, the middle tier is strawberry, and the top tier is lemon.

I have been working on collecting, writing, and organizing all of my best recipes with a plan to post them in the near future. The feedback I have been recieving on the taste of my cakes has been incredibly humbling, and inspiring me to write and share them.

IMG_0936When it comes to floral arragements for cakes there are times when I enjoy making gumpaste flowers. For this wedding I was responsible for all of the cakes and cupcakes. Since I am a one-man show I decided it would benefit everyone more if we used fake flowers.

I am really impressed with these fake peonies from Michael’s. The texture of them feels real too. You may even recognize these from my DIY Coffee Bar post because when the bride saw them at my house during her consultation she loved them so much we decided to use them for her cake! 🙂


Since succulents on cakes are all the rage right now, we decided to add them to her cake. The ones we used are also from my coffee bar and worked out great because they are very realistic looking. I still cannot believe I found these at the dollar store!

IMG_0957.jpgHere is a closeup of the cupcakes. The bride knew exactly what she wanted and I love her taste! So elegant and pretty. I used a 2D tip to make the ruffly looking frosting by just moving the piping bag back and forth as I made swirl. The lace cupcake wrappers are from Amazon and they couldn’t have been more perfect!

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This wedding was so beautiful and perfect! I wish I had taken more photos of this wedding to share. But I always feel slighty awkward around the wedding photographer when I pull out my camera to photograph my cakes so I am always hesitant to photograph anything more.

Let me know your thoughts!

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